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Our Media courses

Centurion designed the Hostile Environment and Emergency First Aid Training (HEFAT®) for the media back in 1993. Our HEFAT® course is recognised as the ‘Gold Standard’ for mandatory pre-departure safety training for all clients worldwide. The course aims to equip delegates with the knowledge to be able to continually risk assess their safety in a wide range of insecure and risk-laden environments.

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Our NGO Worker courses

Centurion’s NGO clients represent a diverse range of organisations, from human rights organisations, to those who deliver community-based projects. Operational NGOs associated with delivering services and welfare, emergency relief or environmental assistance will most often be required to live and work in in the world’s poorest locations.

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Our Aid Worker courses

Aid work is an increasingly dangerous occupation. In 2003, 143 aid workers were victims of attack while at work. In 2013, that figure rose to 338, of which 119 were killed. The majority of attacks took place while in transit or in local offices. Motives varied from economic crime, to partly or wholly politically motivated acts, to deliberate targeting, or simply ‘wrong place, wrong time’.

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Our Oil & Gas courses

Petroleum industry resources are to be found in some of the most inhospitable, remote and unstable locations worldwide. In some countries, including Nigeria and Sudan, there is hostility from local nationals towards oil and gas workers. In other countries such as Libya, there exists civil unrest. Local militias are known to target oil workers, kidnap staff, bomb oil installations and generally cause a high safety threat.

We offer our Oil and Gas clients practical and vital safety training for the region that they are working in.

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Our MoD/CONDO courses

Civilian contractors who provide a commercial service to the UK’s Ministry of Defence, and who deploy into a military theatre of operation to deliver the service, are required to undertake pre-departure CONDO safety training (Contractors on Deployed Operations). We offer a range of CONDO courses that comply with the MoD’s training requirements under MoD Defence Standard 05-129 (2013) - Contractors on Depoloyed Operations (CONDO) - Processes and Requirements.

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Our Business courses

Since 1993, Centurion has designed thought-provoking safety training courses for a very wide range of business clients, from international coffee traders and public relations teams, to media, aid worker, NGO’s, writers, artists and other global travellers. Our clients work in a range of global locations, but not all need high risk training, and no two clients’ needs are the same. We specialise in designing training solutions that exactly match our client’s requirements. If your company is looking to provide training for your staff for a specific task, assignment or operating need, or to fulfil your Duty of Care obligations, a bespoke course may be the answer.